8 excerpts on the topic “Cgi”
Ezequiel Pini
[…] As I continue growing in the professional and technical realms, and with advancements in technology, I start getting new ideas.
Today, with renderings almost in real time, you have the opportunity to create certain experiences in real time, like with the Metaverse, where spaces are fully explorable. A few years ago I never could have imagined myself making flours and plants in 3D, and now I’m creating a short film and we’re designing all the flora. These advances in technology allow me to stay connected to more creative themes. […]
Ada Sokół
[…] I realized how many possibilities CGI gives, from designing the product, making images that look like photography, to creating uncanny worlds. (…) I feel like this is the only medium that doesn’t require an entire team to create. […]
Ada Sokół
[…] agents are handling part of photography production, but not CGI; they still don’t understand the pipeline of 3D. I believe in a few years they will be able to take that part of the production, as they do with photographers, but for the moment, I haven’t had the chance to work with anyone who could help me with it. […]
Ada Sokół
[…] This is a significant advantage for 3D; we just need photos, so no product is wasted. Everything that can reduce waste nowadays is beneficial. The second thing is that we can reuse and change our works; I just need my PC to change the colors, whereas photographers need a whole team. […]
Marc Armand
[…] I am skeptical regarding the current trend with 3D all over Instagram. There are some wonderful things, but it is somewhat systematic. Once that fad is behind us, the 3D tool will still exist and will perhaps be even more interesting to use. […]
Tomorrow Bureau
[…] JE
we notice a really clear difference between the many CGI people we work with, they have done something else before they’ve done CG, much like us. And often when they’ve been designers or have a design education, they have a very different approach to making than someone who just is a CGI person. They’re not looking at the same things. […]
Tomorrow Bureau
[…] JF
We have a serious grounding in many other disciplines before we got into this game and getting into 3D allowed us to really express those things. (…) I would certainly encourage younger creatives to not just dive into 3D and start copying what they see on Instagram, because then you’re not building a strong enough foundation at all. I think it’s far better to educate yourself and to try your hand at many different things before just settling on CGI. […]
Services Généraux
[…] A
Naturally I wonder about the end of it all. I say to myself that there’s going to come a time when the CGI aesthetic is going to level off. Soon the entire aesthetic we’re producing will become something future generations are going to wax nostalgic about, so I believe people are going to return to the roll of film and VHS. […]

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