2 excerpts on the topic “Cgi”
Tomorrow Bureau
[…] JE
we notice a really clear difference between the many CGI people we work with, they have done something else before they’ve done CG, much like us. And often when they’ve been designers or have a design education, they have a very different approach to making than someone who just is a CGI person. They’re not looking at the same things. […]
Tomorrow Bureau
[…] JF
We have a serious grounding in many other disciplines before we got into this game and getting into 3D allowed us to really express those things. (…) I would certainly encourage younger creatives to not just dive into 3D and start copying what they see on Instagram, because then you’re not building a strong enough foundation at all. I think it’s far better to educate yourself and to try your hand at many different things before just settling on CGI. […]

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