3 excerpts on the topic “Graphic design”
Benjamin Grillon
[…] Today, sites are just shells. What makes the identity of the site is the content: the artistic direction of the image or film on the homepage. But at the time, image was not as important; it was more the design of the site that conveyed an aesthetic. […]
Clementine Berry
[…] I know I’m good at certain things and suck at others. When you start out at school you get the impression that you’re going to have to know everything. But it’s not true: you don’t do everything well. There was also the idea that once you get out of school you’re a graphic designer, you can create models, etc. The profession has evolved a whole lot, and so have we. Now we do more art direction than graphic design. I like to do art direction and hire a good team of designers. […]
Marc Armand
[…] As for graphics and typography, I have a deep fascination for Emigre Fonts and in the same vein, Jonathan Barnbrook, but also for Dutch, German, and Russian design, for Studio Dumbar, Cyan, and Ostengruppe… […]

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