4 excerpts on the topic “Finance”
Clementine Berry
[…] Invoicing: I didn’t charge enough. We undervalued ourselves enormously. […]
[…] FH
Another big thing is maintenance. Constantly improving the licensing system and extending the website. With our amazing development partners from Humans & Machines we constantly work on updates and improvements. For 2022 we just agreed on a 80 hours per month retainer, so that we can really develop and fine tune further. This, of course, means very clear numbers to work with. And the same goes for our operational costs: studio rent in Basel and a mortgage in Berlin, paying staff, technical infrastructure and social security. But accounting for that isn’t very strategic, but simply vital. […]
[…] JB
We just turned down an offer. Of course it’s interesting to have access to larger machines, bigger productions and all. But there is hardly anything that we couldn’t facilitate through collaborations, I think. Maybe it will be more a question of joining forces. Foundries coming together in offering services, maintenance and support. Streamlining the more repetitive stuff and freeing more time for creation. That could be great. […]
John Pawson
[…] I’ve always resisted and fought being business‑like. Luckily Catherine, my wife, has a very good sense of money in and money out. When I first met her, I was taking taxis and eating in restaurants and I had no money. She was like: “The first thing you stop is eating out and taking taxis. You get the bus and you have a sandwich”. I was like: “Oh, wow”. That’s all you need to know: money in, money out. And the money in has to be more than the money out, I guess. […]

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