7 excerpts on the topic “Communication”
Ada Sokół
[…] You need to be focused on your work, and advertising is time-consuming. I don’t have any strategy. I’m pleased to be interviewed by you, but on the other side, this is not my work. I feel that I am working when my entire focus is on creating. Maybe I should start working with a PR person with more experience, plan, and general knowledge? […]
Random Studio
[…] DL
How we contextualise these case studies in a way that they talk about our holistic vision and not only “OK, we got a job from this client and we produced this in this, and it was open to this and this store blah blah blah”. I think it could be more contextualised by what we believe in. […]
Services Généraux
[…] A
Instagram and the press don’t offer the same thing. One generates audience, the other an authoritative argument (…) which reassures the client. Those are the two parts of the media that interest us. For visibility we depend on digital; for authority we need print. […]
Yorgo Tloupas
[…] It’s very rare for someone to be successful without working on visibility. […]
Mirko Borsche
[…] We had a big call in here where I said that we should maybe change the website, the whole Instagram account, and the way we communicate on these channels. I don’t know how, I was just saying that somehow it’s like the same thing, the website and Instagram: we’re just showing pictures. It’s not telling any story, it doesn’t feel that modern anymore. It’s not fitting for the media and not questioning Instagram as a tool. How much effort should we put into a media, which is actually – in my opinion – not that interesting anymore. […]
Jean-Baptiste Levée
[…] If you don’t create your own organic buzz, if you don’t go viral or if you’re not Swiss — that is to say if your reputation is not already made — it all comes down to investing in communication. However, if you don’t have the money to do that you have to build by focusing on your company’s core values, and the talented designers whose work you promote. […]
Jean-Baptiste Levée
[…] Part of my communication strategy is to remain present in the minds of the decision-makers. When a client sees a list of three, five, ten typographies, it’s imperative for us to be on that list. To reach this goal, first we need a catalogue that makes us relevant as well as present in the mind of the buyer. This goal can be met rather easily. The second one is harder. It’s a daily effort to put your reputation out there, and build and increase brand awareness. […]

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