6 excerpts on the topic “Fashion”
Ada Sokół
[…] Fashion is stunning in terms of expression, the atmosphere it can build, but nowadays, it is harmful to the environment, so I started developing my visuals in other directions. […]
Marc Armand
[…] I’ve also been influenced by a host of fashion designers including Bernhard Willhelm, Walter Van Beirendonck, Jean-Paul Lespagnard, and Manish Arora. […]
[…] RM
Fashion is a context. It’s a platform and a context for us, primarily. I think we’ve been lucky enough to work with designers and brands that really appreciate that too. There’s a mutual understanding about that, there’s often a conversation about the clothes – we don’t ignore the fashion itself – but what we’re really doing is working into a cultural space. […]
[…] OK
There’s a lot of questioning going on of status quo at the moment, and that can only be a positive thing when it comes to the potential for creativity. That’s the most optimistic thing. There are a lot of fashion projects that are starting to do that, and also we see developments in the way architecture’s being practiced and questioned. Architecture in many ways got hijacked by property developers for so many years, but in many cases it’s really taking on a more cultural, social, political role now, at least in our viewpoint. And that also happens in fashion, and I think in art, too. It’s a fertile time I’d say […]
Willo Perron
[…] That’s why I struggle with fashion so much. It just doesn’t seem to give a shit, it seems to just be that cycle ‘we’re producing things for people that buy’, it’s just a little backwards. […]
Stephanie D’heygere
[…] A collection should express a variety of things. And that comes with experience. You look at what sells because you’re a brand after all, you need to be successful to continue, to keep hiring and growing. […]

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