3 excerpts on the topic “Marketing”
Mirko Borsche
[…] And now clients are a big marketing thing: all these surveys, what everybody wants, how to convince and be convenient to everybody, wanting to be liked by everybody. Brands and products have this problem too. If you go to the annual Milan Salon, over all these years, all these new chairs are coming out. They all look like one another. There’s almost no signature piece behind it anymore. No one is daring. […]
Jean-Baptiste Levée
[…] The strict definition of marketing is “understanding the market,” with two possible options: either “you adapt” or you “shape it in your interest.” […]
Stephanie D’heygere
[…] You’ve got to look at the whole package: good design and a good visual identity. You can have good design but completely screw up your image. You’ve really got to strike the right balance. Products, photos, models: a brand is so many things; and design isn’t necessarily the most time‑consuming aspect of it. […]

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