7 excerpts on the topic “Recruitment”
Tomorrow Bureau
[…] JF
You never really know someone until you work with them. […]
[…] DEV
What do you look for in an intern ?
Personality and versatility.
And motivation, too. Sometimes we’ve seen people we didn’t like a lot at first, but whose energy and desire changed our minds. […]
Brian Roettinger
[…] Someone who is a sponge and who is super curious. Someone who wants to understand new
ideas and references and the history of how to communicate design. […]
Yorgo Tloupas
[…] I now demand a little more know‑how. I’m not looking for “pure” graphic designers but for people who have a skill we don’t have. I want them to be able to do motion design, 3D, editing, photo, film, typography… The more they bring to the table the better. […]
Liza Enebeis
[…] The process, it’s simple: we do one post on Instagram. We get a lot of applications, I go through it and come down to a list of 50 people. With a team of four, we look at all these portfolios, reduce the list to about five people for the interviews. From the interviews, we will go down to two people, re-do interviews with these people meeting the rest of the team. And from that we make a choice. […]
Liza Enebeis
[…] Autonomy, authenticity, and of course that we get alorng… We spend so much time together. […]
Willo Perron
[…] I have to fall in love professionally … […]

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