3 excerpts on the topic “Nft”
Ada Sokół
[…] I am very excited about NFTs, I’ve been looking for a new way of showing my work, and the blockchain technology is impressive. It is also damaging to the environment. Lots of cryptocurrencies are trying to make greener algorithms, and there are already some platforms using them. […]
Ada Sokół
[…] The Hic Et Nunc platform was very ecological, and it was closed down last week; no one knows why. Tezos is green and sustainable; not many NFT platforms were using it. Hic et Nunc was the only one I know that has also been pretty popular. […]
Ada Sokół
[…] I am investing in crypto. I believe our money is a social construct, so our currencies will also be more and more digitalized. Probably 5 or 10 years, we will be using only cryptocurrencies. Starting to create NFTs was a way to develop knowledge of cryptocurrencies. […]

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