5 excerpts on the topic “Education”
[…] RM
There are a lot of victims of superficial aspects of service culture, stylistic tendencies, like fables, a lot of acting, a lot of insincerity. I think all of that is driven by some kind of fear, probably economic fear, or a lack of proximity to culture and things that can be believed in. I think that’s a real problem of design schools becoming too much these institutions that are impenetrable and therefore uncultural. I would say that it’s a systemic issue at this point in time. […]
[…] RM
The alternatives need to start to be put on the table: collective learning, network learning, having the support systems, more flattening of the hierarchies that exist in design. We need to be more available for people to discuss things with us, and share our experience. […]
[…] OK
There are so many designers coming out of schools, and there aren’t that many places for them to go which are actually the kind of places that they imagine themselves in. When you have three years of freedom just exploring cultural ideas, something which is deep and meaningful, and you end up in a branding agency, or an advertising agency, it’s like: “Ugh, I’ve come out of this thing, and now I’ve been dropped into an inescapable pot!”. The one positive thing to take from that is that designers don’t necessarily come out of university and have to go into designing. You see graphic designers starting fashion brands, becoming writers, teachers, artists… […]
Brian Roettinger
[…] Design should be for everybody and education should be free. Or at least affordable for everybody. […]
Yorgo Tloupas
[…] I tell my students that no matter how good they are there’s always going to be someone less competent and less gifted than them but better equipped at selling themselves (…) then let’s make sure competent people also manage to sell work of quality. […]

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