2 excerpts on the topic “Photography”
Benjamin Grillon
[…] Instagram has changed the way we consume images. But the previous generation—Steven Meisel, Inez & Vinoodh, David Sims, or Mert & Marcus—had careers spanning several decades. Today, it is certainly true that there has been a depreciation of the image. We are constantly consuming images on Instagram, so they have a much shorter lifespan, which leads to many more of them being produced. For that reason, there are far more photographers on the market and fashion is changing more quickly. In that sense, photographers indeed have a much shorter career. […]
Benjamin Grillon
[…] As an artistic director, even if you can have a certain style or aesthetic, you work with different photographers and clients, so it’s easier for your style to evolve and move smoothly from one aesthetic to another, whereas what makes a photographer unique is their specific style. Even if this style can evolve, the photographer often remains its prisoner. […]

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