9 excerpts on the topic “Trend”
Teruhiro Yanagihara
[…] I’m not interested in commercial projects created by trends. I am interested in projects and places that create a universal culture. This design philosophy is the same for restaurants and hotels. […]
Marc Armand
[…] I am skeptical regarding the current trend with 3D all over Instagram. There are some wonderful things, but it is somewhat systematic. Once that fad is behind us, the 3D tool will still exist and will perhaps be even more interesting to use. […]
Tomorrow Bureau
[…] JF
I don’t know why you’d want to do the same thing again and again. And that feeds into trends, because why would you want to jump on a bandwagon and do exactly the same thing that you’ve seen a million people do ? […]
John Pawson
[…] I have never tended – and sometimes this is a mistake – to keep an eye on what other people are doing or what’s happening out there. We have all these books, but they’re not for me (…) The ideas are worked out and we keep on working at them until we feel we’ve got something special. […]
Brian Roettinger
[…] With design we are at that super referential moment where people are borrowing, stealing, re-mixing, regurgitating, swallowing, and regurgitating a regurgitated version of something of the past. It will be interesting in 10 years, to look back at this time to see if it has an identity or not… […]
Liza Enebeis
[…] What I like less is that sometimes you see how people are inspired by others and you see these waves and trends. You see portfolios that hit the trends but miss a bit the voice. […]
Liza Enebeis
[…] following trends and fashion is not bad, there is a reason for it, and it comes and goes. But it’s just you need to be conscious of it and try to create your own answer and reality, that’s what is important. […]
Jean-Baptiste Levée
[…] What the young type designers are doing today isn’t just a trend. They are much freer in their approach to the business than we ever were. […]
Willo Perron
[…] I wish things were less trendy. I love idiosyncrasies, the weird guy in the corner. I appreciate the courage it takes to be different and that’s who we should embrace. People that take real risks in their opinions and expose their guts to the public. That’s what we should embrace as artists, designers, etc not the one super on trend, those are the vampires, the one taking from those who have real ideas. […]

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